Episode 4: Anime is for Jerks

On episode 4 of S.Link FM, we discuss the various anime adaptions of the Persona franchise. Firstly our panel gives a brief history of our experience with the Anime medium, where we’re pretty all over the place. CJKeats being the Anime connoisseur of the group, and the only one brave enough to watch Persona Trinity Soul. From there we tackle Persona 4: The Animation, and the upcoming Persona 3 movies. Most of the discussion spotlight was on the Persona 4 anime, and our general feelings on how it handled the story, plot, and characters from the game.

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Host: Levito

Co-hosts: ArmadaTaleSpun, jello44, cjkeats

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-Open iTunes.

-From the File menu, choose Subscribe to Podcast.

-Enterhttp://feeds.feedburner.com/SlinkFmPodcast in the text box and click OK.

(Very special thanks to Jintor for the title card art!)

And remember…

6 thoughts on “Episode 4: Anime is for Jerks

  1. Bullshit, dumb fucks. The lot of you(save for Keats) are clearly NOTHING but dumb fucking pieces of shit; ignorant little bitchasses incapable of doing ANYTHING but spouting utterly inane bullshit. Despite me not even wasting my time listening to a single second of this cast, I can’t solidify that much as irrefutable fact. Contrary to what worthless

  2. shit stains such as yourself would naturally be wont to spout, anime is not for “jerks” by ANY stretch of the imagination had by those of us who aren’t ignorant pieces of shit like the lot of you. In FACT, anime is undoubtedly the greatest entertainment medium ever created, and–in all actuality–is tailored to those intellectual worshippers of art in any of its most refined forms, anime naturally being the chief of said forms of artistic refinement. The vast plethora of truly breathtaking masterpieces the masterful medium of anime has to offer are characterized by incredibly inventive and/or amazingly executed plots, stunning depth of character/characterization/character interaction, drop-dead gorgeous animation, unspeakably beautiful and well-crafted scores, among a countless plethora of other superlatives. It’s such traits and many more that solidify its factual status as the greatest entertainment medium to EVER exist. As such, it goes without saying that the suggestion that said masterful medium is for “jerks,” as well as any and all bullshits as to the quality of said medium made therein such an fucking idiotic statement is/are nothing but a load of complete and utter blatantly untrue bullshit.

    Of course, I can’t expect a load intellectually-challenged dumb fucks such as yourself to comprehend such facts. Go fuck your slutty-ass bitch mothers, contract their MANY stds, and die you pathetic pieces of shit; do us ALL a favor. 😀 Needless to say, this is a fake email address. I’ll be taking my permanent leave of both this shit page and this shit site altogether, never returning. As such, whatever undoubtedly bullshit replies any of you worthless shit stains try and send my way will NEVER reach me. Deal with it, dumb fucks; you and your ignorant bullshit lose, I and the FACTS I state+the superior, masterful, greatest-of-all-time medium of anime win. Another FACT for your sorry little bitchass.

    • Haha Wow, thanks for reading the title and throw a fit there buddy. If you’d actually listened to the Podcast, you’d hear we all praised the medium quite a bit, and even recommended some of our favorite shows at the end of the episode. The title “Anime is for jerks” is an old by joke Jeff Gerstmann from Giant Bomb said, suggested by Keats. (Hence the gif at the end)

      Sad to hear that such an enlighten individual such as yourself had to layeth the verbal smacketh down on us dirty anime hating peasants. One day I hope this transcendent medium will leave such an impression on me that I spout vague, pretentious, pseudo intellectual walls of text of repeatedly telling people they should die.

      Though, I’m fairly flattered you took the time to write this troll post. You know you’ve made it when someone trolls and/or hates you. ❤

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