Episode 3: New Days


The S.Link FM podcast rises to the top of a mountain made of burning questions and shared experiences to to summon a storm of LBGT topics for discussion! Is Kanji gay? Who is the Sumaru Genie? Were you guys offended by that babe hunt scene in Persona 3? Why isn’t anybody talking about the casino guys in Persona 1? Our guests shidoshi (writer for EGM, podcast legend of WAHP, and pressing issues panelist) and Inorigo (writer for GameRanx and RPGSite) lay down the knowledge and perspective you’ll need to conquer society’s many pitfalls. Lend us your ear for another S. Link FM!

As we now have an RSS feed you can now listen to and download episodes through the itunes and Zune applications. Additionally, you can stream and download directly from S.LinkFM.com now.

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Host: Levito

Co-hosts: Armada, cj_iwakura, shidoshi, TaleSpun

(Thank you Arsenic13 for the show image)

(Special Thanks to Jintor for the station ID)

4 thoughts on “Episode 3: New Days

  1. I enjoyed the episode, but I just wanted to add that I really don’t think Naoto is a trans character, more so just a girl who hated being looked down on for being female in a male dominated field of work. So she felt the need to cross dress. Not to mention if you get the true ending….you can see her dressing as a girl again without any issues…and as for the segment of the show where you talk about if the player has to choose if they like her more as a boy or girl….there was a little more to it than that…It’s because she actually dresses up in a girl’s school uniform and asks the protagonist what they think. The options given are “You look cute” or “I prefer your other clothes.” Please view this clip for reference -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7E22wVAI4b4 And she even mentions that she wants to face her true self as a woman. Anyway, just thought I’d add my thoughts to the discussion, as it was an interesting one….just seemed like some misinformation had been spread.


    • Glad you enjoyed it. A lot of people agree with your summarization of Naoto’s character. CJ even shared it during the episode, as did Shidoshi. We mentioned why giving the player choices like “Is it ok for me(Naoto) to be a woman” and “how should I(Naoto) dress” are troubling. The game takes those decisions out of Naoto’s hands and presents them to the player, something that should not be up to the player. Also, all the character’s go to referring to Naoto as ‘he’ to ‘she’ without blinking an eye, when they don’t know the situation in it’s entirety yet.

      The problem ultimately comes from Atlus not being direct on both Naoto and Kanji’s situations. As some of the choices in the game can be harmful and hurtful to members of the LGBT community.

      Thanks for commenting!

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