Episode 1: Enter The TV

In the very first episode of S.Link FM, we decide to start things off a little casually and go over how each of us got into the Persona series. We decided to do this podcast on a whim last night so I apologize if the first episode seems disorganized. Nonetheless, we manage to talk about how great Persona 2 is, how we got into the series, Persona 4 Arena at EVO2013, Persona 5 speculation, and jello’s utilikilt.

S.Link FM Episode 1: Enter the TV

Download Link (Right click + Save as)


Host: Levito

CoHosts:  Jello, CJ Keats, Armada

Currently in the process of submitting the show to itunes, so we’re uploading Episode 1 & 2 onto the blog and hosting them here. Now that the show is available here on SLinkfm.com(and hopefully itunes as well) we’ve decided there’s no further need to upload to Soundcloud or Youtube any further. You can stream the podcast AND directly download it from here now.

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