Episode 2: Persona 4-2

The S.Link FM podcast returns to speculate upon hopes, dreams, and what little “info” we have about Persona 5. Our guest Inorigo (@Talespun, writer for GameRanx and RPGSite) chimes in with some great points for your consideration. We ask questions about Persona 5’s combat, social link system, dungeons, cell phones, release date and even what console/handheld it might be on. Will our dreams come true or is S.Link FM a place where dreams go to die? You’ll just have to listen and find out!

S.LinkFM Episode 2:  Persona 4-2

Download Link (Right click + Save as)


Host: Levito

CoHosts:  TaleSpunCJ KeatsArmada

Currently in the process of submitting the show to itunes, so we’re uploading Episode 1 & 2 onto the blog and hosting them here. Now that the show is available here on SLinkfm.com(and hopefully itunes as well) we’ve decided there’s no further need to upload to Soundcloud or Youtube now. You can stream the podcast AND directly download it from here now.

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