Well, it’s about time to say hello!

S.Link FM is a new podcast dedicated to all things related to the critically acclaimed and cult followed Persona series. Created by members of the Persona community from NeoGAF, we intend to go over many topics surrounding the series in each episode. In addition to this, we’ll be inviting a variety of guests and members of the community to join us on future episodes, especially about subjects we feel need to be represented.

S.Link FM Episode 1: Enter the TV

Description: In the very first episode of S.Link FM, we decide to start things off a little casually and go over how each of us got into the Persona series. We decided to do this podcast on a whim last night so I apologize if the first episode seems disorganized. Nonetheless, we manage to talk about how great Persona 2 is, how we got into the series, Persona 4 Arena at EVO2013, Persona 5 speculation, and jello’s utilikilt.

S.Link FM Episode 2: Persona 4-2

Description: The S.Link FM podcast returns to speculate upon hopes, dreams, and what little “info” we have about Persona 5. Our guest Inorigo (@Talespun, writer for GameRanx and RPGSite) chimes in with some great points for your consideration. We ask questions about Persona 5’s combat, social link system, dungeons, cell phones, release date and even what console/handheld it might be on. Will our dreams come true or is S.Link FM a place where dreams go to die? You’ll just have to listen and find out!

Episode 3 will be recording tonight(April 5th) and should be up soon. We’re still working on getting the show on RSS feeds and itunes soon, and the general layout of the S.Link FM site isubject to change in the coming days. Hope you’ll stick around, we’ve got some amazing guests lined up!

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